No platform strategy yet? Attention latecomers!

Sales and information platforms already grew at an above-average rate in pre-Corona times. These times of pandemic have further intensified this development. In order to remain viable in the future, companies must be prepared for these changes. In doing so, they should not wait, because digital connectivity is not a quick fix. We show what […]

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The Sleep of the Top Dogs: Digital Beats Analog

Digital newcomers among brands and packaging companies are revolutionizing the market, while many of the analog top dogs are sleeping through the trend and thus taking a high risk. Yet it is perfectly possible for brands to build up their own digital brands. And there are also ways for packaging manufacturers to equip their own […]

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The big gap: Innovation and innovation management in the packaging industry

The packaging industry is currently in danger of overlooking relevant future trends and losing sight of customer needs. The reason lies in a disregard for the topics of innovation and innovation management and in a misjudgment of R&D activities. In a study on the subject of innovation, we examined the situation, investigated the weak points […]

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