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Food industry: Growing with food startups.

Just under 11 percent of German startups work in the food and nutrition sector. In total, more than 150 food startups were founded in Germany in 2019. Almost 90% of them generate sales in a wide variety of trendy areas. For established brands, they are formidable competitors, often enough capturing relevant market share. For packaging […]

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Steep curve in commodity prices. What can be done?

Plastics, metal, wood, paper, glass, crude oil, electricity: the prices of packaging materials and energy continue to rise, leading to higher production costs that filter through to consumers. The result is an inflationary cocktail. There are many reasons for price increases – from supply and demand to economic, demographic and political aspects, weather, inflation, and […]

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Investors: Money is only given to those who are sustainable

Sustainability beats growth. More and more customers and stakeholders are making sustainability a condition for financing and investment. ESG criteria will soon be even more important for investors than the financial growth factor. The packaging industry has hardly recognized this development yet. It has a lot of catching up to do if it doesn’t want […]

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Time out: Corona puts the brakes on product innovation

The number of product launches and relaunches in the retail sector fell by 19% in 2020. This particularly affects companies that depend heavily on packaging changes, such as toolmakers, plate manufacturers and repro. The main reason for the decline is the corona pandemic. In the next few years, we will see an increase in product […]

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Market report meat

The “Meat” segment is divided into five areas: chilled raw meat, chilled raw meat-whole pieces, processed and cooked meat, frozen meat, as well as meat that can be kept unchilled. The share of chilled raw whole meat in Europe is 30 percent in terms of units produced, and 39 percent in terms of value. The […]

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The packaging industry is systemically relevant. That’s often forgotten, especially by itself

The coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is plunging the world into an existential emergency. Especially in times of crisis such as these, the central importance of packaging in ensuring a reliable supply of food, hygiene products and medicines to the population becomes apparent. Because no good reaches its user or consumer without packaging The basic requirement for the […]

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