through innovation.

Develop the power for new ideas with B+P.

Pointing the way, achieving goals, securing the future

Innovation is the best investment in your brand appeal.

Being innovative and developing new products, ideas and services makes you attractive.

People talk about you. Innovation sets you apart from your competitors, opens up new markets and customers and secures lasting attention. We basically distinguish between product innovation as well as service and process innovation, whereby the ability to innovate is characterized by a variety of structural and cultural factors.

B+P is by your side from the idea to the business model. Anyone can imitate, and anyone can lead – so let’s do it.

Be creative, combine forces, concentrate

B+P promotes your innovative
spirit with a smile.

Ground-breaking ideas need a creative, inspiring environment that incorporates all the innovative forces in your company: the employees. We create the systems, synergies and strategies that spark inspiration and pave the way for pioneering ideas.

Inspire, implement, invest

The most important
leader is innovation.

There are enough copycats and tag-alongs in the packaging world. The only businesses with a future are the ones that drive and lead the market with innovations and inspiration. If we meet sustainable and digital challenges with ideas, we will win.


Thought leader, idea generator, strength giver

When it comes to innovation,
B+P is patently ingenious.

Our approach is proven:
B+P employs its patented InnoTeam concept.

For many years we’ve been supporting big names in the packaging industry as innovation consultants and partners. Our proven and patented InnoTeam approach ensures long-term innovative strength in every dimension of your business.

We use our systematic tool to create an innovation organisation for you that integrates every area of your business to form a powerful culture of ideas.

Our insight is outstanding:
B+P knows your customers’ markets inside out.

We know how your customers think, what moves them and what they want – thanks to our partner agency B+P Creality, which specialises in packaging design and FMCG innovations.

We align your innovative strength with the market, not our ego. B+P supports you in focusing on innovation and in the effective application of your innovative strengths.

Our principle is called impact:
B+P gets solutions off the ground quickly.

With an extensive ecosystem of digital transformation partners, we dynamically drive technological change for you and with you. Creative solutions that deliver maximum efficiency and transparency are what set us apart.

Our comprehensive knowledge of sustainability allows us to reliably identify opportunities and risks and develop the best possible solutions through networking.

Strong references, smart innovations.

Service overview, variety of offerings, ultimate partnership

We don’t lose ourselves in theories.
So what you get is practical relevance.

Strategies –
Analyse. Arrange. Activate.

View from outside We check the market, your company, your competitors, your customers and their customers and derive strategies from all that.

View from inside We analyse your company together with you from the inside, offer workshops and develop solutions.

Innovation portfolio We assess your innovation gap, evaluate your innovation portfolio and identify areas of innovation to look out for.

Initiatives –
Position. Place. Partner up.

Digital transformation push We drive digital change in your business with a wide range of products and strong digital partners.

Lead user projects In our reference projects we create collaborative new, pioneering ideas/strategies and harness client expertise in the rollout.

Multi-client projects We develop networked system solutions with strong partners, harness synergy effects, and connect, mediate and strengthen.

Management –
Inspire. Enable. Accompany.

Customised principle We develop and implement an agile innovation organisation tailored to your needs.

Team building programme We put together an InnoTeam for you, then moderate and instruct it in its tasks.

Innovation programme We introduce the stage-gate model as an innovation process, develop an innovation pipeline, and build the whole programme.

Services –
Check. Coach. Monitor.

Innovation check We assess how your company is doing compared with its rivals and where the greatest need for action lies.

Innovation coaching We accompany management in its steering role and coach your innovation officers and their teams.

Innovation monitoring We constantly keep an eye on the market for you, evaluate progress, and audit and monitor success.

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