Certainty through
market knowledge.

Rely on first-hand facts.

Bundling knowledge, knowing numbers, understanding markets

Market knowledge:
an unshakeable foundation.

An all-encompassing understanding of the motives by which people and businesses act is essential if future strategies are to stay on track and cope with major market upheavals. B+P helps you to combine multiple facets into one big picture.

We know the competition and the developments. We have the numbers that count. And we use them to develop strategies by which you will win.

When can we put you in the know?

First-hand, from our own network, based on experience

B+P gives you the security you need for your decisions.

Sound assessments of the market and potential, customised surveys, targeted forecasts based on years of experience in the packaging industry – B+P doesn’t leave your future to chance. We deliver facts that give substance to strategies and investments.

Know more, look deeper, see further

The right perspective takes insight and foresight.

You need a partner you can rely on in an increasingly complex and fragmented packaging world that is moving increasingly rapidly. Trust beats chancing it. Responsibility beats supposition. Definitely beats maybe.


Three good reasons, three clear benefits, three strong positions

You’re bound to decide in favour of B+P.

Our view goes deeper:
B+P is firmly rooted in the packaging world.

Our thorough, in-depth understanding of the market gives you extra peace of mind for your business decisions.

But we also know the breadth and overall complexity of the market and are aware of the dynamic changes that affect your decisions. Long-term relationships and network partnerships give our customers access to information that others cannot get.

Our understanding goes further:
B+P knows what will move the markets tomorrow.

We think and understand more comprehensively, holistically and dynamically, and this opens up great opportunities for sustainability, innovation and growth.We possess a vast wealth of experience, we know decision-makers not only from TV and we know about the needs that drive the markets. B+P pursues a hedging strategy for you at every level.

Our actions are faster:
B+P’s knowledge advantage gives you a competitive edge.

Profit from our agility and present yourself as a first mover in partnership with us.

B+P creates market makers – faster, more flexible, more capable of learning and more future-oriented. Leverage our insights and market knowledge to develop sound future strategies and surprising new products.

For your information:
our market knowledge references.

Service overview, variety of offerings, ultimate partnership

Full service.
Without equal.

Feasibility –
Analyse. Arrange. Activate.

Potential analyses
We observe global markets and developments and prepare quantitative analyses based on comprehensive data and market information.

Customer targeting
We identify potential customers by industry and region, evaluate products and demand, and identify decision-makers.

Plausibility check
We evaluate market information for accuracy, correctness and depth of data, and assess its relevance.

Due Diligence –
Check. Position. Place.

Red Flag-Service
We evaluate your fundamental market and business risks and we identify and assess deal-breakers.

Commercial DD Service
We examine businesses from a market, customer and competitive perspective and check the sustainability of their models.

Hundred-day programme
We permanently increase the value of a business after sale, identify relevant parameters and implement them.

Market check –
Question. Evaluate. Accompany.

Customer satisfaction check
We conduct customer and market surveys, analyse purchasing behaviour and optimise your marketing/sales activities.

Expert interviews
We conduct interviews with experts, insiders and specialists and gather market information along the entire value chain.

Stakeholder monitoring
We identify trends and changes among packaging stakeholders and assess them for relevance.

Qualification –
Train. Select. Systematise.

Training and courses
We offer training courses on specific themes and areas, and we’re a sparring partner for management.

KPI Service
We set up KPI systems for your management and extrapolate efficient activities from key figures.

Market Intelligence
We establish knowledge management systems for you and prepare industry reports, such as quarterly reports.

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