100% circular: Henkel offers Pril in refill pouches for pump dispensers

Image source: henkel.de

Consumer goods giant Henkel now offers its hand dishwashing liquid Pril in a PET pump dispenser bottle made from 100 percent recycled material. The reusable dispenser can be reused with refill packs made of recyclable mono-PE. The refill concept is not a new invention in itself. But it is taking on a whole new meaning in the wake of the sustainability revolution in packaging. In tandem with reusables, it is a core issue for the industry. Henkel’s solution for Pril is just the first step.


Since January 2022, consumers in Germany have been able to buy Pril in the new reusable refill solution. Henkel sees its new packaging concept as an important step in achieving its ambitious sustainability targets. By 2025, 100 percent of the packaging used is to be recyclable or reusable. At the same time, the use of fossil new plastic is to be reduced by 50 percent.


Key data on the packaging solution

The reusable pump dispenser bottle is made of 100 percent recycled PET. The lightweight refill bags for the reusable dispenser  are made of recyclable PE monomer material. It is said to be easy to use, certified leak-proof, very durable and also suitable for home deliveries.


The environmental advantage

The flexible stand-up pouch reduces plastic consumption by a whopping 70 percent compared to a rigid plastic bottle. Thanks to the use of PE monomer material, it is lightweight and easily recyclable – provided the appropriate infrastructure is in place.

Together with the reusable dispenser made of recycled PET, a cycle-compatible, completely reusable packaging concept has thus been created.


Back to the future

Refillable pouches are not a new invention. The concept and corresponding applications have been around for several decades. However, the refill concept has not yet been able to gain widespread acceptance. They were not attractive enough for retailers for cost reasons.

The sustainability revolution is now changing that. Refill, in combination with reusable, has become a core issue for the industry – and we will see much more radical solutions here. There is more than enough scope for this.

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