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B+P is looking for passion for the future.

Leading, fascinating, familiar

If you’re looking for change, come and change the world with us.

Do you love change and want to move more than just your company car and office chair? Welcome to B+P Consultants.

We’re the packaging industry’s leading consulting agency. To our customers we’re a motor, innovator and transformer on the way to a new digital, sustainable age.


To keep us growing dynamically, we’re looking for visionary thought leaders, courageous co-drivers and mercurial disrupters. Doers who are people. People who do things. Personalities who prefer to discover new things instead of hiding behind titles. Freethinkers who share our lively entrepreneurial spirit and appreciate the influence of the owner. Characters, in other words. The next generation, and their successors.

Sounds good? Be brave, we don’t bite. Give us a shout.


Congenial, collaborative, achieving more

We don’t just live by our values. Our values live within us.

If only it were as simple as writing down a few values and everyone living by them. That isn’t our way. B+P is not a nursery that chews, pre-digests and pre-defines everything. It’s a lively community of fascinating people who feel connected to human values and carry them within themselves.

We don’t appoint a coach to make us empathetic, down-to-earth, likeable and committed. We use our hearts and minds.

And we’re big on mutual respect too.

  • Authenticity
  • Integrity
  • Initiative

My profile, my world, my opportunity

One thing is of genuine importance:
being genuine.

Authenticity is close to our hearts here at B+P. We value everything real. Real opinions. real attitude. Real courage. Real anger. Real sweat. Real tears. Real Personality. Real Character. Real Ambition. Oh, and real coffee.

Furthermore, we have a high degree of integrity. We’re as loyal to ourselves as we are to our customers and partners. We fight for our ideas and convictions and are happy to take a moral stand without preaching. And the motivation for that doesn’t come from textbooks. It is borne of passion.

Does that resonate with you? Then let’s talk.


Would I fit in at B+P?

  • I don’t pretend. I prefer to face challenges.
  • I push things forward rather than letting them drift.
  • An upright attitude is as important to me as an upright posture.
  • I’m a human being first, then I’m a doer.
  • I don’t need a motivation coach to be motivated.
  • I prefer to lead from the front, not hang at the back.
  • I think flexibly and like to get things done with others.

My brief, our goals, no pampering

Do you see change as an opportunity?
Then seize it.

The world of packaging is changing at a breath-taking pace. Digitalisation is causing radical change, there’s no way around real sustainability, and B+P is guiding its customers passionately through these exciting processes.

To feel comfortable with us, you’ll need to feel and lead with us. We’re looking for people who want to actively shape change in strong teams and who enjoy breaking new ground – in an advisory, accompanying and inspiring capacity. So if our optimism doesn’t dampen your motivation, we should get to know each other. Quickly.

To change is to act.

Is B+P fun?

  • I prefer wild horses to boring principles.
  • I can look in any direction – including inwards.
  • Digitisation doesn’t frighten me. It excites me.
  • For me, sustainability isn’t an energy-saving lamp. It’s an attitude.
  • I’m a shaper, not an administrator.
  • New and happy fit perfectly for me.
  • I switch off when there’s nothing on..

Health counts, money too, as does happiness

Incentive seekers:
come hunt us down.

First things first: our biggest incentive for every employee is a job that’s fulfilling and fun. As an employer, we provide work first and foremost, and we do so with great care and attention. And an attractive salary for passionate performance.

This work naturally includes a workplace where you feel comfortable, that is modern and healthy. Progress, training are a matter of course for us because we want to drive our customers forward. It goes without saying that super-smart phones, top laptops and other perks are all part of the package. As is a life before, after and with work.

Quality of life at B+P is much more than just a job.

Apply now, start quickly, feel good

Job wanted. Life task found.

Currently seeking: you – for the following positions:

No vacancies at the moment

We currently have no open positions to fill. However, since we want to grow in the future, we are always interested in receiving meaningful applications. Please send your documents by e-mail to our contact person Denise Kalkbrenner.

Contact person for career

Please send your application documents to the following contact

We look forward to receiving your informative application documents.

HR Contact person

Denise Kalkbrenner
Tel. +49 30 / 367 524-0

B&P offers everything that’s important to me: professionalism, understanding of the market, added value and speed.

Heike van de Kerkhof
Director Europe - DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers
(Du Pont de Nemours International S. A.)