Value enhancement
through growth.

You’ll grow beyond yourself with B+P.

Motor, market driver, opinion leader

Growth is the key to sustainable corporate success.

Companies that grow clearly exhibit vitality and success to customers and partners. At B+P, we see growth not only in terms of quantity but also quality, and we can support you in both organic and inorganic development.

Those who see only increased sales and staff are thinking too small. Size is not the only measure. What counts more is profitability and continuity – not least through innovation.

Optimise your growth through strategy – with B+P.

Progress, continuity, constancy

B+P develops intelligent growth strategies with vision.

Healthy entrepreneurial growth happens not in sporadic bursts, but in a continuous process which must be established long-term with a can-do attitude. This is where B+P sees itself as your motor and mentor.

Reflect, respond, revolutionise

To cope in the crisis, you have to grow in the crisis.

For intelligent players, the coronavirus pandemic is one thing above all else: a huge opportunity to outstrip rivals. If you want to emerge stronger from the current scenario, set the course for your future with B+P now. Think and act in a new way.


Be innovative, think sustainably, win intelligently

If you want a plus,
we’ve got one: B+P.

Our mentality is doing:
B+P sees itself as a consultant with hands-on genes.

For 28 years we have been entrepreneur-led and fully self-financed, and we know how entrepreneurs think, work and behave. We aren’t submissive and we aren’t arrogant. We’re on an equal footing with you.

We aren’t just consultants. We’re active implementation partners. We tackle, we do, we act, because it’s in our corporate DNA. Our concepts don’t get lost in a maze of theory, they win because they’re practically relevant, systematic and feasible. And they do so efficiently.

We’re at home in your market:
As an industry expert, B+P doesn’t waste time.

You don’t have to explain your business to us. We’ve already got it down and we can guarantee even more with the expertise we bring to the table.

B+P expands your horizons, knows the dynamics and forces behind the figures and understands the entire value chain. Our market experience is your growth driver, our consulting pros know the trends, the opportunities and the strategies and have an impressive network at our disposal.

Our advantage puts you ahead:
B+P opens up huge growth opportunities for you.

We can initiate completely new growth stimuli for you, both organic and inorganic, arising from our unique market expertise and entrepreneurial attitude.

B+P is your partner in holistic growth strategies featuring the utmost individuality, creativity and spontaneity – for an immediate impact without gimmickry. We’ll find out HOW you can grow, evaluate WHAT IT INVOLVES and plan the STRATEGY.

Growth references? Logo.

Service overview, variety of offerings, ultimate partnership

Theory isn’t boring.
It’s the seed of action.

Strategies –
Analyse. Arrange. Activate.

View from outside
We check the market, your company, your competitors, your customers and their customers, and derive strategies from all that.

View from inside
We analyse your company together with you from the inside out, offer workshops and develop solutions.

Distribution strategy
We develop your growth strategy and derive a sales strategy from it – to generate new growth.

Initiatives –
Position. Place. Partner up.

Investment assessment
We assess market potential and qualitative and quantitative attractiveness, and accompany you all the way to the selection of suppliers.

Development orientation
We identify subject areas, procure/evaluate bases for decision-making and define performance profiles.

We develop your unique position, differentiate you from the competition and accompany a full strategic reorientation.

Management –
Inspire. Enable. Accompany.

Business development
We transform you into a growth company, define activities and establish teams, processes and structures.

Product and industry management
We plan, manage and monitor your range of products and services and develop it further in line with requirements.

Key Account Management
We increase turnover and profitability through customer orientation, process optimisation and customer loyalty.

Services –
Check. Coach. Monitor.

We analyse your ability to grow, determine the need for actual action and recommend strategies.

Growth coaching
We accompany management in its steering role and coach your teams at all management levels.

We scan the market for you, reflect on the significance of changes and audit your company and its course.

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