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With B+P Consultants you can draw on unlimited value.

As a specialist consulting agency, B+P Consultants is part of the B+P Group offering a 360° value-added service to the packaging industry. We deliver advice, packaging design and brand communication with a maximum synergy effect.

We operate internationally within our own Global Local Branding Alliance (GLBA) and combine global expertise with regional competence to create innovative strategies – based on unique insights.

B+P offers unlimited knowledge transfer, a holistic approach and worldwide networking.

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More team, less hype: B+P’s expertise speaks for itself.

If you’re looking for a consulting partner dedicated to striving for change, development and growth with you and for you, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re the top address. We believe in the irrepressible power of change and entrepreneurial development. We want to move the world for you and shape your future.

B+P is all about efficiency, not showmanship. Partnership based on passion. Long-term relationships, not short-term encounters.

Get to know us personally.

Matthias Giebel Partner

Tel. 0 30 / 367 524-21

Thomas Reiner

Thomas Reiner Managing Partner

Tel. 0 30 / 367 524-0

Jenny Walther-Thoß Senior Consultant

Tel. 0 30 / 367 524-35

Astrid Fleschhut Associate

Tel. 0 30 / 367 524-32

Katharina Rösner-Kraus Associate Consultant

Tel. 0 30 / 367 524-22

Moritz Glocker Associate

Tel. 0 30 / 367 524-33

Louisa Kröning Analyst

Tel. 0 30 / 367 524-0

Yvonne Koglin Designer Infographics 

Tel. 0 30 / 367 524-33

Oliver Smith Head of Business Development & Marketing 

Tel. 0 30 / 367 524-27

Adopt an attitude, be real, demonstrate transparency

You have our word: it’s value that counts with us.

At B+P Consultants, what we really value is trusting, congenial cooperation. Internally and externally. Successful, long-term consulting relationships thrive on effective collaboration, which requires development and cultivation, dedication and commitment.

Outstanding competence, comprehensive expertise.

  • Raw material suppliers
  • Material manufacturers
  • Packaging developers
  • Packaging producers
  • Auxiliary material manufacturers
  • Plant developers
  • Machine builders
  • Plant constructors

Tradition, dedication, for good reason

Twenty-five years of experience, 100% packaging, 1,500 consulting projects.

B+P’s history is unique in the packaging world, and to that it adds accumulated competence. Our far-reaching client portfolio makes us a high-performance partner along the entire value chain in packaging. Benefit from an impressive network of possibilities and opportunities.

The key advantage is that B+P is always instantly up to speed. As an industry insider, you don’t have to fill us in on everything. We’re already fully appraised. And there’s nothing better than talking to someone who knows.

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