Does this mean that the PPWR is coming? And then?

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The new Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) has been adopted. Finalised. It has now also been approved by the European Parliament and is available in translated form. This means it is coming – even if there are still many uncertainties and countless delegated acts and implementation guidelines to be published. Basically, there is clarity and a basis for decision-making with clear guidelines and requirements in black and white. One big question remains unanswered until October 2024. We’ll tell you what it is, what the next steps are and what you can do now.


On 24 April 2024, the EU Parliament adopted the English version of the PPWR in its last session of this legislative period. It had previously been confirmed by the Standing Committee of the Member States. Does this mean the PPWR is coming? This is a question that we are currently being asked a lot. And the answer is – YES the PPWR is coming.


Procedural steps on the agenda

However, certain procedural steps still need to be completed before the PPWR can be published in the EU Official Journal. You can find an overview with a timetable in our infographic.

Clear requirements

And even if there are still many uncertainties, countless delegated acts and implementation guidelines will have to be published over the next three years: clear guidelines have been set and the requirements are available in black and white. The lighthouses of the PPWR include:

  • design for Recycling,
  • recyclate utilisation rates,
  • minimising packaging to the essentials:
    • no double bottoms and unnecessary layers of packaging,
    • 50% Empty Space Volume in Transport, Grouped and e-commerce packaging,
    • reduction of the empty space volume in sales packaging to what is necessary.

Beyond the examples mentioned, the new directive is full of challenges. In a special newsletter on the PPWR, we will take a closer look at the individual articles and the resulting requirements for our industry and then also take a closer look at the various implementation schedules for the different articles. In the meantime, our infographic provides a quick overview of the 71 PPWR articles.

The big open question

The only big open question until October 2024 is: Will the reuse targets for the transport sector be corrected as a translation error or is there already an amendment to the PPWR, even though it has not yet been published?

We assume that the reuse targets will be revised again, whether this happens now or in the next three years, remains to be seen.


Next steps

In principle, the adoption of the PPWR now sends clear signals to the industry for the further development of packaging. It is also clear that trends such as paperisation are being reinforced.

As B+P Consultants, we offer you an efficient and pragmatic introduction to understanding the PPWR and the general impact on your company with the PPWR check.

If you would like to go a step further and delve deeper into the topic, we will work with you to analyse your portfolio in detail – and with regard to the need for adjustments, potential improvements and market opportunities. We are also happy to help you adapt your product portfolio and product strategy to the new trends.

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