Paper continues to seize market shares: Frozen food from Frosta comes in kraft paper.

Paper-bags from Frosta
Source: Frosta

Frosta, the frozen food manufacturer, is known for innovation. Since 2003, for example, the company has dispensed with all additives. As a pioneer, the company is now also breaking new ground in the area of sustainability. It is the first frozen food manufacturer to completely eliminate the use of plastic in packaging.

The alternative comes in the form of a kraft paper bag, which Frosta has developed itself. A special mechanical production technique ensures that the unbleached and uncoated paper is resistant to moisture and grease. This means that it can guarantee product protection even if the product thaws on the way from the supermarket to the consumer’s freezer.

According to the company, the new packaging is comparatively more environmentally friendly and has a better carbon footprint. Frosta plans to save up to 320 tonnes of plastic per year with the new packaging. The company is confident that customers will bear the price increase of around 20 cents due to the new packaging.

Frosta’s approach follows a clear and ever-increasing trend to replace plastics in packaging with paper and glass. One of the main reasons for this is that the cycles for plastic are not yet closed. The situation is different for paper and glass. And this reality influences every decision, constantly creating facts.

It will remain so – at least until the plastic cycles are successfully closed. Then the cards will likely be reshuffled – even at Frosta.

By the way: The “mother of the new packaging” was kraft paper sacks of the kind used to package cement. This is a good example of the development of successful strategies and solutions via four dedicated, creative approaches, which we will have highlighted here in the blog.

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