Respectueuse launches recyclable deodorant stick made from recycled paper

Image source: Sonoco

French cosmetics brand Respectueuse is using Sonoco’s recyclable EnviroStick packaging for its deodorant product line. The three-piece tube made of recyclable fibers offers push-up functionality and serves the trend of substituting paper for plastic. Paperization continues unabated as a trend – and the cosmetics segment continues to lead the way. Respectueuse has also looked at Scope 3 emissions. It will now be exciting to see whether consumers accept the new packaging.


French cosmetics company Respectueuse is committed to beauty products that are healthy for both the body and the planet. According to the brand, this also includes limiting the use of plastic in packaging. Respectueuse also underlines this position through its partnership with the NGO “Expedition 7th Continent,” which has been campaigning against plastic pollution for more than ten years.


The deodorant stick made of hard paper

For its deodorant product line, the French company relies on the EnviroStick from U.S. packaging manufacturer Sonoco.

  • The three-part hard paper tube is made of recyclable fibers,
  • it has the push-up functionality that is so important for deodorants, and
  • is fully recyclable via the waste paper cycle, according to the company.
  • Sonoco cites flexibility in label design as an added plus.


Scope 3 in focus

Scope 3 climate emissions from the supply chain are coming into focus for more and more companies. According to Respectueuse, this is one of the reasons why they chose Sonoco’s product. This is because the US manufacturer has production plants in Europe, which keeps the transport distances within the supply chain relatively short and thus contributes to the smallest possible carbon footprint for the brand.


Expansion planned when…

Respectueuse also has its sights set on using EnviroStick packaging for sunscreens and other cosmetics and beauty products. However, this is still pie in the sky, because for the moment, one thing counts above all: consumer acceptance of the new packaging. It will be exciting to see whether the hard paper push-up stick passes this practical test. Will it boost sales? Or will it lead to a decline?


Trend and driver: paper and cosmetics

In any case, it is clear that paperization as a trend is unbroken. The momentum for substituting paper for plastic continues unabated.

It is also unchanged that the cosmetics segment is emerging as a driver and pioneer. Respectueuse is not an isolated case. Other examples that are pursuing solutions other than paper include

  • the “Dove” brand, which launched its first refillable and reusable deodorant packaging in February, or also
  • Lancaster University’s project supporting the development of refillable deodorant cartridges made from cork by the start-up “Let’s Rethink This.”

We can assume that there is still a lot in the pipelines in this area….

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