2021 B2B communication trends of the packaging industry


Disruption for the entire system, for all areas of life – for everyone: The pandemic has disrupted the entire world and accelerated digitization. Naturally, we can also feel this in communications. But what does that mean? How is B2B communication changing and what are the trends to watch? Our colleagues at B+P Communications have identified three B2B communication trends that are driving the industry: digitization sales, relevant content, value-adding tools & technologies.


Communication is fundamentally dynamic. This applies equally to internal and external communication, to B2B and B2C. Digital channels in particular are driving this dynamic.

The big challenge: identifying communication trends in time, or at least not completely overlooking any of the relevant trends. Sounds simple – but it’s not.

It requires permanently greater resources, e.g. to monitor the development of a social media channel in an all-encompassing manner. And it requires competence and foresight to subsequently interpret these developments. Corona has taken this already dynamic and complex development in the field of communication in yet another extremely disruptive and completely new direction.

In the report from our colleagues at B+P Communications, you will find valuable insights regarding those trends that will move the industry:

  1. Digitization of sales: About sales as a much more agile construct. About the role and new work of marketing and internal sales. About user-centric platforms, conversion and qualification of the user. About the new importance of service and after-sales.
  2. Relevant content: the diversity of channels and formats. Decisive campaign control and targeting. Complexity and relevance. Change of perspective as a game-changing factor. Digital visibility. Content collection.
  3. Value-added tools & technologies: Organizing digital communications. Marketing automation applications. Challenges specific to small and medium enterprises. Agile and exploratory action. Best tools and ways.

Communication is facing drastic changes. The recommendation of our colleagues at this point: Embrace this change as an opportunity! Stay (or become) agile. If the mindset is right, the rest is just a matter of time!

The full report can be found here on the B+P Communications website (German only).

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