New white paper: Sustainability is revolutionizing the packaging market.

Sustainability is coming with the force of a tsunami and will fundamentally reshape the packaging industry. We’ve looked at the forces behind the momentum and summarized our findings for you in 10 causal theses. Gather inspiration in our white paper to turn the pressure to act into new creative power and actively shape the market. There are many risks and great opportunities, but only a small window of opportunity. If you wish to be among the winners of change, you must act now.


The third sustainability wave is heading for the packaging world. Many are very concerned, but only very few are taking action. Yet we are in the midst of a revolution that will have numerous losers and very few winners. Unlike the first movements in the late 80s and around 2008, this sustainability wave will no longer simply fade away. Quite the opposite! The current sustainability wave is a tsunami that will destroy everything

We are concerned about the discrepancy between the self-evaluation of most companies (We are well prepared.) and the reality (There is no question of preparation, not to mention strategy). Change is recognized, but completely underestimated.

We want to change that. That’s why we have developed a white paper with 10 theses that build on each other, define, wake up, sensitize and motivate to take urgently needed action.

We strongly encourage you to read our white paper. It is now available for download here on our website (German only).


The headlines of the 10 theses:

  1. Sustainability causes waves. The third beats everything.
  2. The Green Deal is a revolution for Europe and makes sustainability an institution.
  3. Vigilance for the environment creates growth for the economy.
  4. The packaging market is on the verge of a radical change that will revolutionize packaging.
  5. Regulations don’t force you into lockdowns, they force you into action.
  6. The big players are making the game – and more and more are joining.
  7. The future is no coincidence, but the result of a clear strategy.
  8. Packaging with vision: Strategies are already resulting in concrete solutions.
  9. Innovation is not an individual battle, but intelligent team play.
  10. The difference is made by those who seize the opportunity now and secure the lead.


Take the wave as an opportunity! This white paper is the entry point that will bring you into the future.

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