B+P – Sustainability Report 2022

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We, B+P Consultants, are proud to take you on a journey through our past and present a clear view of the future with our latest sustainability report for 2022. Let’s seize opportunities and celebrate successes together!


Our tradition of sustainability

Our founder, Prof. Dieter Berndt, recognised the importance of sustainability early on. Today, sustainability is not only part of our corporate identity, but also a central component of our consulting services.

As a leading consulting partner in the European packaging industry, we support our clients in overcoming challenges in the areas of strategy, sustainability and innovation. The implementation of the Green Deal, with its focus on climate protection and the circular economy, is a key concern to which we are committed. Our aim is to support our customers in adapting to these changes while ensuring long-term business success and making a meaningful contribution to sustainable development.


Our commitment and clear sustainability goals for the future

As B+P Consultants, we not only talk intensively about sustainability issues, we also implement them in our day-to-day business. This is reflected in our defined sustainability targets for the years 2021 to 2025 and the progress we have made. We are striving to translate the principles we live by into a formal structure, implement an SBTi-compliant climate strategy and drive the transformation of the industry through our sustainability consulting projects.


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