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Why brand owners need the packaging industry to meet their climate goals

Many brand manufacturers have set themselves ambitious climate targets. At the same time, Brussels and the national states are constantly increasing the targets and quotas in the climate sector. In order to achieve these targets and their own goals, brand manufacturers are dependent on the packaging industry. This is because packaging is a relevant factor […]

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Transformation in packaging machinery: The top 6 strategy topics at a glance

Economic, social and ecological changes are confronting the packaging machinery industry with a whole series of market-side changes. As a result, the industry, which is characterized by medium-sized companies with a mostly global orientation, has to master a multitude of new challenges at the same time. To provide the industry with additional guidance, we conducted […]

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Edeka introduces its own returnable system for takeaways

The EDEKA Group is one of the largest food retailers in Germany. For its retail partners, the company is now introducing its own reusable system for out-of-home consumption under the “regood” label. EDEKA is thus responding to the legal obligation to offer reusable packaging for take-away in Germany. This also affects the retail sector with […]

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Nestlé switches to recyclable paper packaging for Quality Street

Nestlé is introducing FSC-certified paper packaging for the twist-wrapped candies of its Quality Street confectionery brand. The switch is expected to remove nearly 2.5 billion pieces of previously used double-Candy-wrapper from the supply chain worldwide. Most importantly, the move will make all of the brand’s twist-wrap packaging recyclable. The switch to paper was complex and […]

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Market debut for the first biodegradable water bottle

Premium organic grocer Erewhon has launched what it says is the “world’s first fully biodegradable water bottle” in Los Angeles. The bottle, developed by U.S. startup Cove, has been certified as biodegradable by TÜV Austria, including the cap. It is made of PHA, which is extracted from organic residues or CO2 via a fermentation process. […]

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Coop relies on an eco-score for private labels

The Swiss retail chain Coop has been labeling its own food brands with an eco-score since the end of 2022. The score is easy to record and provides information on a range of environmental factors on a scale from A+ to E-. It also includes packaging. Transparency with regard to sustainability and ecology is becoming […]

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