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Thailand to completely ban plastic waste imports by 2025

Through a three-step plan, Thailand is enforcing a complete ban on plastic waste imports by 2025. The ban is part of the kingdom’s broader anti-plastic plan, which also includes restrictions on the use of single-use plastic products in the future. It has long been clear that circular economy is a global issue – one that […]

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Top news from legislators

In our policy section, we focus this time on the jungle surrounding the extended registration obligation, which now also includes service packaging. Our advice is designed to keep you on the safe side, so you have time for your real business. In addition, in the brief info: The Plastic Tax, the Mineral Oil Regulation, the […]

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Gain more control over your workday with Time Boxing

Right now, management needs a cool head and, above all, time to stabilize the company, think about its future and develop resilient strategies. But that’s difficult when crises are tugging at your skirt left and right and you, as a manager, have to play firefighter on all fronts to support your employees and colleagues. That’s […]

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The future of plastics production: PCR, bioplastic and CO2-based materials

In the sixth article in our series on the Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EMF), we look at decoupling the consumption of finite resources in the plastics sector. It is a central pillar in establishing a circular economy. The use of post consumer recyclate (PCR), bioplastics and CO2-based plastics to substitute virgin plastic plays a central role […]

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EU taxonomy: Now it’s packaging’s turn

With the taxonomy, the EU defines which economic activities are considered environmentally sustainable. Until now, for many packaging companies, it has been a regulation that was hotly debated in public but had no impact on day-to-day business. This could now change. This is indicated by the new draft of the taxonomy criteria for packaging. It […]

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