New cooperation between B+P Consultants and Clemens Stockinger makes an offer to the cartonboard and folding carton industry

Managing current crises and risks while taking advantage of growth opportunities: Berlin-based consultants for the packaging industry, B+P Consultants, offer support for companies in the cartonboard and folding carton industry in cooperation with the former Managing Director for Sales and Marketing at Mayr-Melnhof, Clemens Stockinger. The focus is on new business concepts such as vertical integration, alternative ways of sourcing raw materials and improved innovation management. The cooperation partners describe their new offer as holistic, pragmatic and with a sustainable effect.


“The cartonboard and folding carton industry is facing a major upheaval and is at a crossroads. The dynamics are accelerating and leading to a point of no return,” says Karsten Beutner, Managing Partner of B+P Consultants.


Biggest opportunities in decades

The pressure that market forces are exerting on the packaging value chain is enormous – and “the risks for the industry are staggering: loss of investors, customers, suppliers, employees and future prosperity,” says Beutner, describing the situation. Nevertheless, the upheaval “offers the greatest opportunity in decades. However, so far only a few have taken a step in the necessary direction. And now is the perfect time to do so. Paperization, which continues to be highly dynamic, offers the cartonboard industry undreamt-of prospects. It is therefore not just a matter of putting out acute fires. The most important thing is to move the company forward at the same time,” says the B+P consultant.


New business concepts

Clemens Stockinger, former managing director for sales and marketing at Mayr-Melnhof Karton AG and now active in consulting through his company “market solutions,” also sees an acute need for action for stakeholders in the industry. “The traditional business model of cartonboard and folding cartons is being put to the test. Progressive market consolidation, ensuring long-term supply security and the opportunity of substituting plastic packaging require new business concepts such as vertical integration, alternative ways of sourcing raw materials and improved innovation management,” says Stockinger.


3 thrusts of the cooperation

“We are very much looking forward to the cooperation with the proven cartonboard expert Clemens Stockinger. Together we can perfectly support the companies in the industry in the ongoing transformation to quickly reach a higher level”, Karsten Beutner is convinced and addresses three thrust directions in his offer.

#1 – Strategy revamp

“Successfully differentiate yourself in an increasingly standardized and consolidated market. We improve product development, deliver sourcing solutions and support backward integration as well as review and realignment of your business model to ensure your long-term success with profitable growth,” Beutner formulates the first pillar of the offering.

#2 – Organization empowerment

“To underpin your long-term success, we empower and upskill your organization with the key building blocks for a thriving and market-driven business. We turn ideas into reality and maximize their impact,” offers the B+P Consultant.

#3 – Sustainability mastery

“Master the topic of CO2 neutrality, carbon footprint and circular economy: recognize your opportunities and risks – and align your product strategy accordingly. Address any urgent, formal sustainability requirements and ultimately increase the value of your business,” Beutner outlines the third thrust.


Holistic, pragmatic and with sustainable impact

The Managing Partner is convinced that the new cooperation with Clemens Stockinger creates a step towards long-term growth in disruptive times for companies. “As industry experts, we understand the big picture behind all the complexity. Together we can take this complexity away from companies and work out growth opportunities that lead to the next level holistically, with sustainable impact and via a pragmatic path. Taking companies forward is a real passion for us,” affirms Karsten Beutner. The cooperation partners offer an info brochure with compact background information on the website



About Clemens Stockinger

Clemens Stockinger knows the cartonboard and folding carton markets inside out. Based on more than 20 years of market experience, Stockinger offers knowledge and competence in the cartonboard and folding carton market. Strategic orientation in the development of sales and marketing strategies as well as structures and processes are salient assets. Stockinger’s proven strengths also include practical operational implementation expertise and valuable sparring skills for executives.


About B+P Consultants

B+P Consultants have been fully focused on the packaging industry for 30 years and know what will drive the market tomorrow – and therefore what it needs today. With over 3,000 projects along the packaging value chain, B+P Consultants understand the big picture and are pioneers with valid answers when it comes to sustainability, innovation and digital transformation. The B+P advantage: speed and hands-on mentality. No time is lost in the development and implementation of strategies.

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