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The consequences of the Ukraine War

The Russian war of aggression on Ukraine leads to great uncertainties from an economic point of view. Sanctions, disrupted supply chains, energy price explosion, legal uncertainty, production stops and loss of markets: The packaging industry has also been massively affected in some cases. We take a look at the general situation for you and show […]

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Private labels: Market, outlook and opportunities

Private labels in the food trade are a success story. Their triumphal march has clearly picked up speed in recent years. But there are sometimes significant differences depending on the product group – and not all suppliers benefit equally. The corona pandemic has also recently led to interesting changes – and consumer demand for private […]

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Plastic Tax in Germany: This is what it looks like.

The design of the Plastic Tax in Germany is taking shape. The Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMUV) recently presented the draft bill for the implementation of certain regulations of the EU Single-Use Plastics Directive. The result is a bureaucratic monster that leaves important questions unanswered and does little to […]

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All eyes on greenwashing. Eco-design regulation ante portas.

In our new column “POLITICS” we will from now on inform you regularly about ongoing and upcoming discussions, consultations and legislative changes related to packaging. This time we look at the draft eco-design regulations and revisions to consumer protection rules to prevent greenwashing.   Short info: Plastic Tax The design of the Plastic Tax in […]

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ReShaping Plastics study: Two key challenges for the circular economy in the packaging industry

On April 09th, 2022, the study “ReShaping Plastics” was presented. The survey by think tank SystemIQ was commissioned by PlasticsEurope with the support of an independent steering committee and expert panel. Representatives from EU institutions, non-governmental organisations, universities and industry were involved. Among them was Matthias Giebel, Partner for Sustainability & Innovation at B+P Consultants […]

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Trump (with risks) in marketing: climate-neutral products

Marketing has (rightly) recognised the topic of climate-neutral products as a purchase criterion and is increasingly advertising CO2 neutrality. But how do you go about it in a serious and scientific way? Because a greenwashing accusation quickly turns the supposed sales argument into its opposite. We shed light on how national and European regulators have […]

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EU to ban thousands of chemicals. Is PVC also facing an exodus?

Are thousands of chemicals in Europe soon facing the end? The EU is planning new restrictions that will blacklist a host of potentially harmful substances. Up to 12,000 chemicals, including so-called “forever chemicals” with long degradation times, could fall within the scope of the proposal, which the EU has published in its “roadmap for restrictions.” […]

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Image sourrce: Roberto Sorin - Unsplash

Müller & Waitrose get to grips with color

Blue, green and red are a thing of the past: In collaboration with UK supermarket chain Waitrose & Partners, Alois Müller Dairy, part of German food group Theo Müller, will replace all colored caps on its HDPE milk bottles with clear variants from April 2022. According to the company, the seemingly small innovation will mean […]

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