Navigating change: The power of strategic positioning

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Change, transformation, rapid pace: the packaging industry is facing huge challenges. Disruptive forces are acting from all sides and require sound adjustments and a clear course. The concept of strategic positioning brings decisive advantages to companies in the packaging industry. In our article, we introduce you to the concept, its advantages and tools. Set a course!


Compass and good maps for the changing world

For companies in the packaging industry, the working basis and environment are changing at an unprecedented rate. Changing consumer preferences, growing sustainability concerns, technological advancements, regulatory interventions and new market entrants are having a concentrated and disruptive impact. They require constant adaptation and active action at a whole new level. A clear and successful course requires a compass and good maps. Those who can adapt and position themselves strategically in the middle of turbulence will be winners.


The solution: Strategic positioning

In the course of strategic positioning, companies consciously and purposefully adopt a unique position on the market in order to positively differentiate themselves from competitors and pave the way for sustainable success.

Strategic positioning is not a knee-jerk action, but a process. It involves a long-term orientation that uses the strengths of a company to meet customer needs and offer clear added value over the competition.

Positioning therefore means “taking a stand”, expressing an attitude and showing what you stand for. It is important that the position fits your company and is authentic. Because if you take a position, you become visible – for better (if the image is coherent) and for worse (if contradictions shape the image).


So the key requirements are:

  • be relevant to the targeted customer/group (and not necessarily to the overall market),
  • differentiate and make the difference (i.e. not operate in the shadow of the competition),
  • be authentic (i.e. credibly follow one’s own claim) and
  • communicate (so that the message is visible and gets across).


How to meet most of the challenges

Strategic positioning offers solutions to the typical challenges of our industry, such as:

  • Competitive & cost pressure: The packaging industry is a highly competitive market where companies are permanently exposed to competitive and cost pressure. Through differentiated strategic positioning, they can stand out from their competitors and offer added value that goes beyond pure price. They can emphasise their unique selling points, develop innovative products or services and put a special focus on quality, customer service or efficiency.
  • Sustainability requirements: Sustainability requirements are growing day by day, especially in the packaging sector. Therefore, it is crucial for companies to position themselves as sustainability leaders. This includes developing and implementing environmentally and climate-friendly solutions, reducing the environmental and climate footprint, using sustainable materials and promoting the recycling loop. By strategically positioning themselves as sustainability leaders, companies can appeal to customers who want (and/or need) to make environmentally conscious choices while strengthening their own competitiveness.
  • Difficulty in acquiring new customers: Acquiring new customers can be a challenge in a saturated market. Strategic positioning allows companies to use targeted marketing to effectively address their target group while being found more quickly. By accurately analysing customer needs, preferences and demographic characteristics, companies can target their messages and marketing activities. In this way, the unique advantages and solutions can be communicated effectively and convincingly. Potential customers are encouraged and given compelling arguments to choose the company over the competition.

Those who recognise the challenges and shape their strategic positioning accordingly can maximise their chances of success even (and especially) in a market environment characterised by change and establish themselves as a leading player in the packaging industry in the long term.


Needs orientation as a success factor: Fascinate, Differentiate, Win

Success in the packaging industry is based on understanding industry and customer needs and effectively addressing industry-specific challenges. By consistently focusing on needs, companies can fascinate their target group, differentiate themselves from competitors and ultimately win the market. By having a comprehensive knowledge of the preferences, problems and desires of customers and their clients, companies can design their offerings and added value in such a way that the decision is in their favour.


Foundations for long-term success: reconciling promise and performance

A solid strategic positioning serves as a compass guiding every aspect of a business while providing the necessary maps for navigating times of disruptive change. It also ensures that a promise made to the customer actually matches the service delivered. A strong brand reputation is based on trust. Only when communication and performance reliably match can long-term relationships be built, loyalty won and success achieved.



Strategic positioning is crucial for your company in the packaging industry, especially in light of disruptive developments. By focusing on needs, aligning promise and performance, and working with consulting partners like B+P Consultants, you can master the changes and gain the decisive edge. Proactive adaptation to market dynamics enables positioning as a market leader and is the basis for long-term success in a rapidly changing market.


Your path to success: Our offer

  • Strategic positioning should include the analysis of market dynamics, customer preferences, the resources and capabilities of one’s own company and the competitive landscape. On this basis, a unique positioning can be developed that emphasises its unique selling propositions and value propositions.
  • This positioning can subsequently be used as a guide for all business activities. This ensures that your company acts consistently and purposefully.
  • At B+P Consultants, we know the packaging industry inside out. We have a deep understanding of the market dynamics and future direction. With our expertise and experience, we can help you position your company for success.

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