Transformation in packaging machinery: The top 6 strategy topics at a glance

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Economic, social and ecological changes are confronting the packaging machinery industry with a whole series of market-side changes. As a result, the industry, which is characterized by medium-sized companies with a mostly global orientation, has to master a multitude of new challenges at the same time. To provide the industry with additional guidance, we conducted an online survey last year among 50 representative companies in the DACH region. The focus was on relevant future topics and specific pain points. We have bundled our top 6 results for you in this article and evaluated them in an outlook.


#1: Competitiveness

The topic has a great/very great importance for 94% of the respondents.

Competitiveness is a key factor in many industries. Organizations that want to remain successful must respond to constantly changing market conditions and technological changes. This requires speed, agility and professionalization – not least to withstand cost pressure.


#2: Supply Chain

The topic has a great/very great importance for 94% of the respondents.

The supply chain regularly faces major challenges. Changes in energy and raw material prices, political developments or even natural disasters can jeopardize even previously stable supply chains. Companies must therefore apply reliable processes and procedures to keep their global supply chain operations stable. They must ensure that the various players act flexibly and efficiently to meet demand.


#3: Growth

The topic has a great/very great importance for 90% of the respondents.

Growth results from the further or new development of products and services. But that alone is not enough! For sustainable growth and continued success, companies must focus on targeted customer acquisition, expansion of the service business and market development. The measures are aimed at expanding the customer base and market share, strengthening customer loyalty by further developing existing service products and opening up new sales opportunities.


#4: Sustainability

The topic has a great/very great importance for 88% of the respondents.

Sustainability has gone from being a central issue to a central principle for companies that want to be successful in the long term. Companies can achieve sustainability in their operations by using evolvable machinery and protecting their employees through a sustainable focus. To support this strategy, they must consider both regulatory and ESG (environmental, social, governance) requirements. Those that support their sustainability approach with a demand strategy, individual processes and employee engagement will be able to compete in the marketplace over the long term.


#5: Human Resources

The topic has a great/very great importance for 85% of the respondents.

Human resources management is an extremely relevant component of modern entrepreneurship. It provides the required, qualified skilled workers and thus becomes a central pillar in increasing economic performance. This is why it is important, especially in the face of increasing personnel requirements, that the necessary qualifications and skills of existing specialists are continuously reviewed and developed.


#6: Digitization

The topic has a great/very great importance for 81% of the respondents.

Creating a complete digital product portfolio and service offering creates the prerequisite for success in the dynamically digitizing world. Digitization of sales is also central, for example to improve the customer experience and increase stakeholder engagement. The basis for the success of the individual measures is a good digitization strategy.


Conclusion and outlook

The packaging machinery industry is comparatively well positioned with regard to the issues of the future. However, the need for action on disruptive topics such as sustainability and digitalization is often underestimated. We therefore recommend that companies make the expansion and safeguarding of the business model a priority.


Check of the business model

A business model check helps to take account of competitive and market requirements. It identifies the essential areas in which a renewal of the strategy is advisable or necessary.

Companies that understand disruptive trends in the packaging industry can create new business models, solutions and opportunities that drive growth and prepare for the challenges of the future.

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