Paperization with a new premiere: Mentos Pure Fresh Gum now in paper

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A premiere in chewing gum: the Italian-Dutch confectionery group Perfetti Van Melle now offers its Mentos Pore Fresh Gum in a largely recyclable bottle made of 90 percent paper. Used only at Walmart in the U.S. for now, the new packaging stands as further witness to the unbroken momentum in substituting paper for plastic. Although the extent of “paperization” varies around the world, it has become a global trend that is gaining momentum unabated for the time being.


Mentos Pore Fresh Gum is the first product in the chewing gum category from a major global confectionery manufacturer to be sold in packaging made largely of paper.

The new packaging is expected to hit shelves in the first half of 2022. It will start with Walmart, which will offer the chewing gum in the paper bottle in about 3.000 stores and through its online store.


The packaging solution

  • The newly launched bottle is made of 90 percent paper.
  • It is certified recyclable and displays instructions for consumers on its surface for proper disposal.
  • The paper bottle can be disposed of through locally available collection systems.
  • The new packaging solution was presented by Perfetti Van Melle at the “Sweets & Snacks Expo” and won the award for the most innovative new product 2021 in the chewing gum and mints category.


Paperization goes global.

The trend toward substituting paper for plastic continues unabated and has long since become a global issue. The development continues to be dynamic and is conquering new areas of application segment by segment.

The dynamics in the value chain and the pressure from all stakeholders – whether brand owners, regulation, consumers, NGOs, employees, investors or retailers – towards the circular economy continue to increase. As long as the loop is not closed, we will continue to witness developments like at Mentos more and more often.

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