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Market report meat

The “Meat” segment is divided into five areas: chilled raw meat, chilled raw meat-whole pieces, processed and cooked meat, frozen meat, as well as meat that can be kept unchilled. The share of chilled raw whole meat in Europe is 30 percent in terms of units produced, and 39 percent in terms of value. The […]

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NIVEA and dm reduce packaging volume by about 75% with refill stations

NIVEA and dm to reduce packaging volume by 75% with refill stations

Beiersdorf and the drugstore chain dm are starting a pilot project with refill stations. The refill stations developed in-house by the German consumer goods giant for its NIVEA Creme Soft and NIVEA Creme Sensitiv shower gels are available to consumers in three dm stores in Hamburg and Karlsruhe for a period of 6 to 8 […]

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Food Waste

2.7x as many cucumbers spoil without packaging: We need system answers

A new study from Austria has examined the effects of dispensing with packaging for food. In the case of the cucumber, the amount of food waste increases by a factor of 2.7 on the retail side alone, and the climate footprint increases fourfold due to the additional amount of waste. The study shows that with […]

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The packaging industry is systemically relevant. That’s often forgotten, especially by itself

The coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is plunging the world into an existential emergency. Especially in times of crisis such as these, the central importance of packaging in ensuring a reliable supply of food, hygiene products and medicines to the population becomes apparent. Because no good reaches its user or consumer without packaging The basic requirement for the […]

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